TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK


TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

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Important Business News Extracts January 14, 2019

ADB to provide $ 200m loan

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide US$ 200 million in loans to help improve the rural road network in Bangladesh. An agreement was signed between the government and the Manila-based lender in this connection on Sunday, according to a statement. The assistance supports the government’s priority of delivering urban services in rural areas by increasing connectivity, providing greater access to social services and markets, and promoting the agriculture sector, benefiting over 51.5 million people. It will also improve transport efficiency, generate 3.13 million person-days employment, introduce high-level technology to enhance road master planning, and create road safety awareness among rural population. The assistance aims to support the government’s Rural Connectivity Improvement Project (RCIP) to upgrade about 1,700 kilometers of rural roads to all-weather standards in 34 districts located in five divisions, according to the ADB. The project will also improve the capacity of the rural infrastructure agency for rural road development; and enhance rural road master planning to enable the selection of priority rural roads for the improvement, using a geographic information system (GIS) covering the entire country.

Source: http://today.thefinancialexpress.com.bd/trade-market/adb-to-provide-200m-1547396751

DSEX crosses 5800-mark after nine months

The prime index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) on Sunday crossed the 5,800-mark after nine months as investors showed their buying spree on sector-wise issues. Market analysts said stocks rebounded after a single -session break, as enthusiastic investor poured money anew into stocks amid growing confidence in the market. The local and foreign investors were active on the trading floor as stable political situation after the election boosted their confidence level. According to one investor rising trend of low-profile companies’ shares is a matter of concern and investors should be careful. Following the previous session’s flat movement, the market started on upward note and the upturn sustained till end of the session with no sign of reversal. At the end of the session, DSEX, the prime index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), settled at 5,860, gaining 62.91 points or 1.08 per cent over the previous session.

Source: http://today.thefinancialexpress.com.bd/stock-corporate/dsex-crosses-5800-mark-after-nine-months-1547396294

10 companies snare 21pc of total turnover

Top 10 turnover leaders grabbed 20.40 per cent of the turnover featured by Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) on Sunday. On the day the premier bourse DSE featured a turnover of above Tk 9.73 billion. Of Tk 9.73 billion, above Tk 1.99 billion came from transactions of top 10 companies. BBS Cables was the number one turnover leader which featured a turnover of above Tk 433.3 million. The company grabbed 4.4 per cent of the market turnover. The company’s share price closed at Tk 114.60 each on Sunday with a rise of 3.16 per cent or Tk 3.50. Khulna Power Company posted a turnover of above Tk 397.50 million. The company grabbed 4.10 per cent of the market turnover. The company’s share price rose 7.81 per cent or Tk 5.10 to close at Tk 69.80 each on Sunday. The turnover of Olympic Industries was above Tk 166.30 million. The company captured 1.7 per cent of the turnover featured by the DSE. The company’s share price declined 0.27 per cent or Tk 0.70 to close at Tk 257.80 each on Sunday. CVO Petrochemical Refinery grabbed 1.6 per cent of the market turnover with a value of Tk 153.90 million. The company’s share price rose 6.63 per cent or Tk 14.90 to close at Tk 238.50 each on Sunday. The turnover of Dhaka Bank was above Tk 150.90 million. The company grabbed 1.50 per cent of the market turnover.

Source: http://today.thefinancialexpress.com.bd/stock-corporate/10-cos-snare-21pc-of-total-turnover-1547396379

Govt’s NSC sale reaches 83pc of annual target in five months

The government in just five months (July-November) collected Tk 21,661.93 crore from the sales of national savings certificates, which is 82.69 per cent of its target of collection for the entire fiscal year (2018-2019). In the budget for FY19, the government set the target at Tk 26,197 crore. In July-November of FY19, NSC sales increased by 2.31 per cent or Tk 489.86 crore compared with that of Tk 21,172.07 crore in the same period of the previous fiscal year, according to the latest Directorate of National Savings data. According to DNS officials people rushed for the NSCs as the instruments offered higher interest rates than the bank products. The rates offered by the NSCs are between 11.04 per cent and 11.76 per cent. Most of the banks offer 4-6 per cent interest rate against their deposit products with a view to reducing lending rate to facilitate investment following an initiative from the government high ups. If the trend in NSC sales continues in the rest seven months of FY19, government’s fund collection from NSC sales might double of its annual target.

Source: http://www.newagebd.net/article/61716/govts-nsc-sale-reaches-83pc-of-annual-target-in-five-months

Prices of junk stocks continue to soar

Share price of Savar Refractories, a ‘Z’ category stock, continued to soar despite it reported negative earnings per share and failed to pay dividend over the years. The company’s share price soared 73 per cent or Tk 73.70 each in the last one month since December 17, 2018. The Savar Refractorie’s share price rose 9.95 per cent on Sunday, dominating the day’s gainers’ chart to close at Tk 174.60 each. Its price was Tk 100.90 a month ago. The company’s share price traded between Tk 75 and Tk 211 in the last one year, according to the data from the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). The management of the DSE served show-cause notice on the company several times whether there was any price sensitive information for the abnormal price hike of its shares. The company, in knee-jerk replies however, informed the premier bourse that they have no price sensitive information for recent unusual price hike. The company’s earnings per share (EPS) stood at Tk 0.31 in the negative for July-September, 2018 as against Tk 0.21 in the negative for the same period a year ago.

Source: http://today.thefinancialexpress.com.bd/stock-corporate/prices-of-junk-stocks-continue-to-soar-1547396322

Payra port signs deal with Belgian company on capital dredging today

A Belgian company will provide Tk 86.43 billion for capital dredging of the Payra Port’s main channel to ensure smooth operational activities of the port. An agreement to this effect will be signed between the Payra Port Authority (PPA), which is under the ministry of shipping, and the Payra Dredging Company Limited, a venture of Belgium-based company Jean De Nul, at the secretariat in the city today (Monday). The dredging work, a part of the ‘Capital dredging and maintenance of Payra Port’ project taken by the shipping ministry, will be carried out under Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the operational activities of the third seaport on August 13, 2016. It is one of the government’s fast-track projects. The government feels that capital dredging is necessary to create facility for anchoring more vessels to the Payra port.

Source: http://today.thefinancialexpress.com.bd/trade-market/payra-port-signs-deal-with-belgian-company-on-capital-dredging-today-1547396654

DSE seeks Tk 1.37cr from UK’s business fund for poor

Dhaka Stock Exchange, the country’s premier bourse, has sought grants from Business Finance for the Poor in Bangladesh, a programme funded by British government, to launch a small capital board at the bourse. The bourse and market regulator Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission made the approach of creating a separate board for small-capitalised companies at the stock market as a move for market diversification and vibrancy. To run the separate board, DSE has recently initiated a project proposal named ‘Ease of access to equity financing for small and medium enterprise’ to promote SMEs for growth and development and subsequently listing with the small capital platform. The bourse has estimated the total cost for the project at Tk 2.74 crore and participated in a competition conducted by BFP-B to get fund. In the programme, it appealed for 50 per cent of the cost, which is Tk 1.37 crore. Under the project, DSE has targeted to list 20 SMEs in the first year and 30 SMEs in the second year. The listing would enhance the market capitalisation to Tk 300 crore in 2019 and Tk 500 crore in 2020.

Source: http://www.newagebd.net/article/61717/dse-seeks-tk-137cr-from-uks-business-fund-for-poor

Local and Global Stock Indices *

Index NameClose ValueValue ChangePercentage Change
DSEX5,860.21586 ↑ 62.91118 ↑1.09%
DJIA23,995.95↓ 5.97↓ 0.02%
FTSE1006,918.18↓ 24.69↓ 0.36%
Nikkei 22520,359.70↑ 195.90 ↑0.97%

World Commodities *

CommodityClose ValueValue ChangePercentage Change
Crude Oil (WTI)$ 50.90 ↓ 0.69↓ 1.34%
Crude Oil (Brent) $ 59.77↓ 0.71 ↓1.17%
Gold Spot $1,291.14↑ 0.89 ↑ 0.07%

Major Currencies Exchange Rates Movement in Last Seven Days *

Exchange Rates
USD 1BDT 83.6475
GBP 1BDT 107.4536
EUR 1BDT 95.9353
INR 1BDT 1.1866





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