TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK


TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

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Mr. Abdul Hai Sarker


Mr. Abdul Hai Sarker has recently been re-elected for the next 2 Years as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dhaka Bank PLC. Mr. Sarker was born in a respectable Muslim family of Sirajgonj District. He accomplished his Post Graduation Degree (M. Com) from the University of Dhaka in 1970. After the graduation, he involved himself in international trade and business and became a reputed industrialist in the country. The sincere efforts and dynamic leadership of Mr. Sarker culminated in a large business conglomerate in the name of Purbani Group.

Mr. Sarker is the Founder Chairman of Dhaka Bank PLC., Former Vice Chairman of Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB) and a former Director of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). He was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). Mr. Abdul Hai Sarker was the former President of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) for consecutive four times. He is the Founder Member of the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI). He was also an Associate Director of International Cotton Association based in Liverpool, UK.

Besides being a leading business personality, he has been playing commendable role in social welfare and community development. Many organizations have awarded him for his outstanding contribution to the society. He has also been accorded with Commercially Important Person (CIP) status by the Government.

The re-election of Mr. Sarker will positively enhance values to Dhaka Bank and propel its continuous journey towards excellence.

8Mr. Mohammed Hanif

Vice Chairman

Mr. Mohammed Hanif has recently been elected as the Vice-Chairman of the Dhaka Bank PLC. An experienced businessman Mr. Mohammed Hanif is a renowned industrialist in the country. He has made remarkable contribution towards business and Banking in Bangladesh. The seasoned industrialist has a business career that extends over as long as 54 years. He is the Managing Director of Hanif Steels Ltd., Hanif Spinning Mills Ltd. and National Foundry & Engineering Works (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Hanif is a Sponsor Director and one of the long serving Board Members of Dhaka Bank Limited. He was elected the Vice Chairman of the Bank in the 134th Board Meeting held in April 2008. He was first appointed a Director of the Board on April 6, 1995. He is also a Founder Member of the Board of Trustees of Dhaka Bank Foundation and an erstwhile member of Audit Committee of the Bank. He is associated with different socio-cultural activities.

4Mr. Reshadur Rahman


Mr. Reshadur Rahman is a prominent industrialist in Bangladesh. As a successful business entrepreneur, he has many achievements to his credit. His able leadership has become more vibrant in Banking where Dhaka Bank is an epitome of his continued success. Mr. Rahman is now leading the Bank as Director. He was elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the 243rd Meeting of the Board of Directors of Dhaka Bank held on May 13, 2015 and was lastly re-elected Chairman in the 353rd Board Meeting held on June 12, 2019. He was also the Chairman of the Board of Directors during the tenure 2010-2013.

Having accomplished his graduation, Mr. Rahman resolved on making a start in the line of business and succeeded in new ventures one after another over more than three decades of his career. His business grew as an enormous group and diversified into numerous worthy areas. He is also the Chairman of RR Aviation Ltd., Trade Hub Bangladesh Ltd. and Dhaka Bank Securities Ltd.; Managing Director of RR Holdings Ltd.; Proprietor of RR Trading & Co., RR Shipping Lines, RR Architecture & Engineering Co. and National Traders; and Shareholder of Alliance Deep Sea Fishing Ltd., Alliance Bags Ltd., Quality Breeders Ltd. and Quality Grains Ltd

Mr. Reshadur Rahman has membership in professional organization namely Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry and all elite clubs in Dhaka and Chittagong. He is equally active in many community development and social services programmes. Time and again, he has remained an honourable Donor to BIRDEM Hospital, Cancer Hospital, SEID Trust and a good number of educational institutions. He is the honorary Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Dhaka.

borad-director-thumMrs. Rokshana Zaman


Mrs. Rokshana Zaman is an experienced business person and a prominent woman entrepreneur in the country. She is now the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Board. She has exposure in the line of business for more than 18 years. She is the Proprietress of Dhaka Enterprise, a reputed business firm in Bangladesh and M/S. Manehor Fisheries and Director of Dhaka Bank Securities Ltd. Mrs. Zaman first involved herself in Banking business as an Alternate Director of the Bank back in 1996. Subsequently she was appointed a Director on June 29, 2004. She became the Chairperson of the Board of Directors on June 29, 2004 and continued her tenure till March 28, 2006. Since long, she has been associated with various CSR initiatives.

3Mr. Altaf Hossain Sarker


A seasoned industrialist Mr. Altaf Hossain Sarker is an admired name in the arena of business in Bangladesh. His brilliance and business foresight has added a new dimension to the industrial revolution in Bangladesh. As his brainchild, many enterprises are there to be named, which in turn have become a change maker not only in the heartland of Sirajgonj where he was born but also around the country as a whole. In his mid twenties, he started off as a businessman with an academic accomplishment of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.). The following years saw his sparks of business growth in diversified areas of business. Mr. Sarker is the CEO of Rahmat Group, a renowned business conglomerate. He is the Chairman of Rahmat Spinning Mills Ltd., Belkuchi Spinning Mills Ltd., China Plastic (BD.) Ltd., Rahmat Plastic and Accessories Ltd. and Rahmat Rotors Ltd.; Managing Director of Rahmat Textiles Ltd. and Rahmat Knit Dyeing & Finishing Ltd.; Director of Rahmat Fashion Wear Ltd., and Dhaka Bank Securities Ltd. and Advisor of Logos Apparels Ltd. Textile and Garment products under Rahmat Group have captured an international market. Most importantly, many of his products have become a part of our everyday life being excellent items for clothing and adornment. Mr. Altaf Hossain is now Director of Dhaka Bank and also a member of Executive Committee of the Board. He is also a sponsor Shareholder of the Bank that began its Banking operation in 1995. Earlier, he led the Bank as Chairman being elected in the 134th Board Meeting held in April 2008. His interest has an extra focus on education and social organizations. He is a Member Trustee of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) and Director of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA). Mr. Sarker is founder Member of Board of Trustees of Dhaka Bank Foundation. Besides, he is a regular sponsor to different social activities, honourable Donor to BIRDEM Hospital, Cancer Hospital, SEID Trust and a good number of educational institutions.

5Mr. Khondoker Monir Uddin


A passionate entrepreneur and a perceptive businessman, Mr. Khondoker Monir Uddin is a Director of Dhaka Bank Limited. He is also one of the admired Sponsor Directors who envisioned Dhaka Bank as a house of corporate excellence. He is now the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee of the Board. Born and educated in Dhaka, he obtained B.Com. (Hons) and M.Com. degree from the Department of Accounting, University of Dhaka. On achieving academic feat, Mr. Monir set out his venture in business in 1985. The succeeding years saw his scintillating entrepreneurship in diverse fields of business spanning Readymade Garment (RMG), Real Estate, Chemicals, Business Equipment & Machine Supply, Banking, Health Care, Education and Brokerage Services, etc. With his visionary and proven business record, Mr. Monir has acquired a good entrepreneur image in the country. He puts indelible mark of perfection in whatever areas he works. For example, with his visionary leadership and keen business knowledge, Shanta Holdings Limited, a powerful portfolio of the country’s most distinctive and selective developments, drives forward to demonstrate unparalleled foresight by developing projects which are the epitome of modern architecture and comfortable living. He is the Managing Director of Shanta Apparel Ltd., Shanta Medical Centre Ltd., Universal Business Machines Ltd., STS Holdings Ltd., Shanta Holdings Ltd., GDS Chemical Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. and Shanta Securities Ltd.

To fulfil various priority needs of the people, Mr. Monir pioneered in different services of international stature. Among such enterprises, prominent are Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka, the only US-JCI accredited hospital in Bangladesh, International School Dhaka (ISD) and Delhi Public School (DPS) in Dhaka and other important cities in the country.

He is equally compassionate about social responsibility and contribution in philanthropic services for the underprivileged children and women. This apart, he has affiliation with a number of social groups, namely Dhaka Club Ltd., Gulshan Club Ltd., Uttara Club Ltd. and Kurmitola Golf Club. He has visited a good number of countries across the globe on different occasions of business.

6Mr. Tahidul Hossain Chowdhury


Mr. Tahidul Hossain Chowdhury is a sponsor Director and one of the long serving Members of the Board of Dhaka Bank Limited. His first appointment as Director dated April 6, 1995 while his last re-appointment took place on May 11, 2009. Academically, he is a Bachelor of Arts and his professional experience in business extends over more than 39 years.

Mr. Chowdhury has earned a name as a prominent business personality in the country having stakes in diverse fields of business. He is the Chairman of Riotex Ltd. and Jerat Shirt Ltd.; Managing Director of Jerat Fashion Ltd. and Hotel Victory Ltd. and Director of Central Hospital Ltd., HURDCO International School and Dhaka Bank Investment Ltd. Besides, he is well-connected to various social initiatives and has a good travel record around the world on business and personal trip.

12Mr. Amir Ullah


Mr. Md. Amir Ullah is a seasoned businessman in the country. He has considerable experience in business extending over above 49 years. His long attachment and commitment to business is something worth considering in the pace of economic development of the country. He started young in business and ended up with many achievements to be proud of. He is one of the pioneers in Bangladesh to initiate export of Video Cassettes worldwide. There is high recognition to his credit as a large exporter of chemicals in the international market. He had long been associated with HP Chemicals Ltd. and Orient Craft Ltd. He is one of the Directors of Dhaka Bank Investment Ltd. Mr. Amirullah associated himself with Banking entrepreneurship as a Sponsor Director of Dhaka Bank. He still continues with the Bank as Director and has retained his position for several terms after required intervals. He is now the Member of the Executive Committee of the Board. He has also widened his contribution to education setting through up a university in Dhaka. He has life membership with almost all elite clubs.

4Mr. Abdullah Al Ahsan


Mr. Abdullah Al Ahsan, Director of Dhaka Bank has a prolific business background. For more than 33 years, his contribution to industry and commerce has remained vibrant. Academically he has completed M.Com. He is also a Sponsor Director of Dhaka Bank. His first appointment as a Director took place in April 6, 1995. As a business entrepreneur, he has made worthy contribution to Agro Industry, well-recognized as a thrust sector in Bangladesh. He is the Director of Aroma Poultry and Aroma Fisheries Ltd. He has widely travelled across the globe on business trips. He is associated with Gulshan Club, Chittagong Golf & Country Club and Chittagong Seniors Club Ltd. He was pro-VC of USTC.

7Mr. Jashim Uddin


Mr. Jashim Uddin is a prominent businessman of the country.. He is also a Sponsor Director of the Bank. Academically, he is a Bachelor of Arts and by profession. He is an established businessman having more than 34 years of experience. He is involved in myriad fields of business comprising Banking Services, Insurance, Stock Brokerage, HR Development, Trading and others. He is now the Chairman of Impel Shares & Securities Ltd.; Director of HURDCO International School and Proprietor of Rafid Enterprise and Shareholder of Dhaka Imperial Hospital Ltd.

Widely travelled, Mr. Jashim is involved with many social and educational initiatives and earned recognitions from a number of organizations. He is Life Member of Bhatiary Golf and Country Club, Red Crescent Society, Kidney Foundation, Chittagong and Diabetic Association, Chittagong. As a Donor Member he has contributed to a number of schools and colleges.

10Mr. Mirza Yasser Abbas


Mr. Mirza Yasser Abbas, a youthful entrepreneur, is the Director of Dhaka Bank Limited. He is also a Member of Executive Committee of the Board. Mr. Abbas has an excellent academic records. He has attained his international MBA from Arcadia University, PA, USA and earned worthy expertise on business management affairs. He has been associated with Mirza Enterprise and family business over the last 16 years; and applies his rich experience as the Chairman of LOUD Limited and Managing Director of Predictable Process Limited. He is also the Director of Dhaka Bank Investment Limited.

Mr. Mirza Yasser Abbas was appointed Member of the Board of Directors of Dhaka Bank on May 3, 2012. Since his joining, he has been spearheading many development and restructuring initiatives in the Bank on behalf of the Board

As an impressive and eloquent Speaker, he advances impactful ideas and meaningfully motivates youths, especially Corporate Freshers, with examples drawn mostly from his own multihued life.

Apart from business, he has admirable social affiliation. He is an Associate Member of Gulshan Club, Dhaka. He has travelled widely across Asia, Europe and North America on business and personal trips. With a convincing compassion for the underprivileged, Mr. Abbas is involved in various philanthropic works in the community.

7Mr. Md. Aman Ullah Sarker


Having an excellent business background for 31 years, Mr. Md. Aman Ullah Sarker is associated with Rahmat Group, a renowned business group which is one of the leading manufacturers of textiles, spinning, weaving, plastic and accessories in the country.

Mr. Sarker was born on May 18, 1964 and belongs to a respectable Muslim family. He is the son of Alhajj Mohammed Ali Sarkar and Mrs. Amina Khatun. He has earned B.A. (Hons) and M.A. degree from the University of Dhaka. Having accomplished his academic feat, he set out as a promising business entrepreneur in the eighties. Over the next two decades, his career grew on his continuous success leading up to the formation of Rahmat Group. He is the Managing Director of Rahmat Spinning Mills Limited, Chairman of Logos Apparels Limited, Belkuchi Spinning Mills Ltd. and Rahmat Sweaters (BD) Limited. He is also the Partner of Shahi Products.

Besides business involvement, Mr. Md. Aman Ullah Sarker has made worthy contribution to the society.

13Mrs. Manoara Khandaker


Mrs. Manoara Khandaker has been nominated as Director of Dhaka Bank Limited in June 2018. Born in Cumilla, she completed her Bachelors of Arts Degree from Cumilla Government Women’s College. Mrs. Khandaker is one of the pioneers in Shopping Bag Industry in the country. She is the Director of M/S Bari and Pack Plast Limited, Rajarbag, Dhaka, since 1998

She is also a Proprietress of M/S Total Pack and Packaging, a concern of Bari Group of Companies, which came into operations in 2014 as the only manufacturer of Stretch Wrap Film in Bangladesh

13Mrs. Rakhi Das Gupta


Mrs. Rakhi Das Gupta is one of the sponsors of Dhaka Bank Limited. The Board of Directors of Dhaka Bank Limited in its 377th Meeting of Board of Directors held on July 28, 2020 unanimously decided to appoint her as a Director of the Bank.Prior to this appointment, she also held the position of Director in the Banktwice in the years 1995 and 2009. She is also a Director of Uniroyal Securities Limited, a brokerage house.

Mrs. Gupta was born in a respected Hindu family in Cumilla. Her husband, late Mr. Asoke Das Gupta, was a reputed businessman and a freedom fighter. He was the Vice Chairman of One Bank Limited, Chief Executive of IMTREX and Managing Director of Uniroyal Trade Limited.She is a proud mother of a son and a daughter. Her daughter, Ms. Anannya Das Gupta is also a Director of One Bank Limited.

Mrs. Gupta completed her Graduation with Honours and Post-graduation in English from the University of Dhaka. She has 46 years of experience in teaching profession and 18 years of experience in share business.She is also involved with various charitable organizations.

13Mr. Ahbab Ahmad

Independent Director

Mr. Ahbab Ahmad was appointed Independent Director of Dhaka Bank Limited with effect from June 30, 2021.Mr. Ahbab served as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology Department both in University of Dhaka and University of Rajshahi from 1964 to 1967. Then he joined Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) in 1968. He served as Assistant Commissioner in greater Barisal from 1969 to 1970. Then he was senior instructor of National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) from 1973 to 1974. Moreover, he worked as SDO of Moulvi Bazar and ADC of Cumilla in between 1972 and 1974. After that, he was Director, Training of Civil Officers Training Academy. He served Ministry of Agriculture as Deputy Secretary. Then he served ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Cabinet Division as Joint Secretary in different periods from 1987 to 1990.

He was Economic Minister of Bangladesh Embassy in Germany with Accreditation of Austria and Czecho-Slovakia from 1990 to 1994. He was Director General of NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office. He was Managing Director of Biman Bangladesh Airlines from 1994 to 1995. He served Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Rural Development and Cooperative Division in different periods from 1995 to 1997. He was a representative of Summer Institute of Linguistic which is a Magsassy Award Winner International NGO. He was Chairman of Bangladesh Krishi Bank from 2002 to 2005 and Rector of BPATC from 2005 to 2006. Later he served National Food Security Project in Dhaka under FAO from 2008 to 2012.

Mr. Ahbab completed his BA (Hon’s) and MA in Sociology from the University of Dhaka. He received scholarship from Cornell University, USA and Sussex University, UK on Rural Development. He also received British Council Scholarship in Manchester University on Training Methodology.

Mr. Ahbab attended many International Seminars and Workshops. He is a fan of Tennis and a regular swimmer. He has keen interest in literary works and some of his publications are – ‘???? ?????? ?????’, ‘???? ???? ????? ??????’ ? ‘??????? ??????’

13Mr. Feroz Ahmed

Independent Director

Mr. Feroz Ahmed was born in a respectable Muslim family at village-Noupara under Naria Upazila of Shariatpur district on 1ST December of 1952. He had his Primary and Secondary education in his village school. He obtained B.A (Hons) and Masters Degree in Economics from Dhaka University. He maintained brilliant academic result in all the Public examinations and obtained government scholarship?.

He joined Bangladesh Bank in 1976 as Officer class I and served there till February, 1979. Thereafter he joined Bangladesh Civil Service as a Member of B.C.S (Customs & Excise) Cadre on 1st March, 1979. He served in different capacities of Customs & Excise department with good reputation. He left Customs Service and joined as Deputy Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh in February 1998 in the Finance Division. As Joint Sectary of Finance he was associated with the preparation of National Budget. As Additional Secretary he discharged the responsibility of Chief Controller of Insurance. In this capacity he took steps to reorganize the Insurance Sector and Played Key role in finalizing the present Insurance Act and Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority Act by replacing the old Insurance Act, 1938.

As Secretary to the Government he served as Executive Director of Jamuna Bridge Authority, Youth and Sports Ministry and Commerce Ministry. As Commerce Secretary he pioneered the enactment of Consumers’ Rights Protection Act to safeguard the interest of millions of consumers of the country. He also played a pivotal role in formulating and passing the Charted Secretary Act to uphold the interest of professionals as Secretaries of Companies in Bangladesh.

During his checkered career he also served as Chairman of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) and Bangladesh Insurance Academy and contributed to the development of these organizations. He also served as a member of The Privatization Commission responsible for denationalization of government industries and business entities.

He led Government and Business delegations for promoting trade and commerce with different countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, India and U.S.A. He also led government delegations to China, SAARC Commerce Secretaryts Meeting in Dhaka & Delhi, South Asian Regional Conference of Insurance Regulatory Forum in Kathmandu and D-8 Conference on Takaful and Insurance Regulatory in Kualalampur and contributed to the proceedings. He also led the delegation to World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva for negotiations to promote trade and commerce of Bangladesh.

He visited many countries including UK, USA, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan, Tanzania, Myanmar, Malaysia etc. He retired from Government Service in 2010. Since then he was associated with Bangladesh Textile (BTMA) till July, 2021.

He was appointed as the Independent Director of the Bank w.e.f 28.04.2022.

13Professor M. A. Taslim

Independent Director

Professor M. A. Taslim was appointed as Independent Director of Dhaka Bank Limited w.e.f. 26.10.2022. He was born in a respectable Muslim family in Chattogram on 8th September, 1951. He has an illustrious academic, administrative and research career spanning more than four decades. After completing Ph.D. from La Trobe University, he joined Australian National University in 1988 as a postdoctoral fellow. He moved to University of New England the next year where he spent more than a decade. He also spent an academic year (1996-97) as a Visiting Professor at Rutgers University, USA. He served in many universities, faculty and departmental committees and also served as the Sub-Dean of postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, business and Law of University of New England. He returned home in 1999 and joined University of Dhaka as Professor of Department of Economics.

His administrative and policy research work received a boost with his appointment as the Chairman of Bangladesh Tariff Commission for the period 2002-04. He did extensive work on trade related issues, in particular WTO affairs. In his capacity as the Chair of the Tariff Commission, he was deeply involved in the finalisation of the free trade agreements SAFTA and BIMSTEC. He also represented Bangladesh at the Cancun WTO ministerial and several regional trade negotiations.

His landmark work as the Chairman of the Tariff Commission was the advice to the Ministry of Commerce to initiate a case at the WTO Dispute Settlement Body against the imposition of Anti-Dumping duties against Bangladeshi products by India. He led the Bangladesh Team in this case, which was the first ever case brought to the DSB by a least developed country of the WTO. It was also the first-ever juridical case brought by Bangladesh against any country. Bangladesh won the landmark case as India promptly withdrew the case after the very first hearing of the DSB. This case was included in a volume of landmark WTO cases published from Cambridge University Press.

He was the Chairman of the Bureau of Economic Research, University of Dhaka during 2004- 2008. He was appointed as the CEO of the Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute in March 2008 and continued in that position till March 2011. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Economics, University of Dhaka for the period 2012-2015. He was also a Director of Bangladesh Bank during 2008-2009. He is currently associated with Independent University, Bangladesh as a Professor of Economics.

He has publications in reputed international journals on agriculture, macroeconomics, trade and governance issues. The journals include Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Economic Development and Cultural Change, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, World Development, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Economic Record, Australian Economic Papers, Public Finance, Agricultural Economics, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Developing Areas, Indian Economic Review and Bangladesh Development Studies. He has written about 125 articles on various economic issues for the local news media, mostly in bdnews24.com and the Financial Express, with a focus on economic and business. These have been published later in two volumes.

13Mr. Emranul Huq


Mr. Emranul Huq was re-appointed as the Managing Director and CEO of Dhaka Bank Limited with effect from February 22, 2022 for a further period of 3(three) years. Prior to this role, he was serving the Bank as the Additional Managing Director and Chief Business Officer. Mr. Huq has more than three decades of professional banking experience both at home and abroad to his credit. He started his career with Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in Dhaka as Management Trainee in 1986. Before joining Dhaka Bank in 1998, he also worked at Eastern Bank Limited and Credit Africa Bank Limited in Zambia in various capacities. During his long tenure with Dhaka Bank, Mr. Huq served in various key positions which includes Deputy Managing Director for Business Banking, Head of Corporate Banking and Branch Manager for various corporate branches of the Bank, etc. Mr. Huq attended various professional banking training programs at home and abroad namely, USA, Germany, Netherlands, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, etc. He is a “Certified Corporate Banker” and a Fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management. He is also the Member of the Standing Committee on Banking Technique and Practice of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Bangladesh. Mr. Huq obtained his Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in Management from the University of Dhaka and Masters in Business Administration from the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)




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At the very onset, let me express my heartiest gratitude for allowing us to serve you and I also wanted to reach out to you directly with an assurance that Dhaka Bank is fully equipped to support you during this difficult time.

Last couple of weeks ago we all were living in a peaceful condition, performing our daily tasks freely and perfectly. Entire economy and business environment was also in a good shape, until COVID-19 put a forceful stoppage to the overall life style and economy of the world. We all know that social distancing and cleanliness are the keys to prevent this pandemic. Hence, we urge your conscious effort to limiting public interaction and suspending wherever possible.

In this current situation, Dhaka Bank and its employees are beside you where we are fully online, either working from home or at our offices under a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to serve you with limited branch banking and a full-fledged alternate delivery channel services.

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Moreover, to fulfill your urgent requirement, we have a limited no. of branches up and running by ensuring all kinds of precautionary and safety measures for you.

In case of extreme emergency and facing difficulties in conducting banking transactions, please let us know through our 24/7 Contact Center number 16474 (or, dial +8809678016474 for ISD/Overseas Calls). We are always with you to combat your difficulties.

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Thank you for your trust and continued support to us. I firmly believe that jointly we will be able to combat this situation and win against all the odds.

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