TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK


TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

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in any organizational sustainability, growth, development and expansion

The need for the professional excellence at Dhaka Bank was duly recognized by its Board of Directors and Management. It has been evident since December 1999 by the decision to create Dhaka Bank Training Institute (DBTI) that came into reality in 2000.

Initially in June 2000, a makeshift arrangement was made at a temporary location at DBL Local Office and the training Institute was relocated to Uttara and shifted to the present premises of Sara Tower in Motijheel Commercial Area in January 2004.

DBTI is committed to develop the human resources, the driving force of the Bank through structured modular training programs. With a view to achieving professional excellence in Banking, DBTI conducts various courses, workshops, executive development programs mainly for Officers and Executives of the Bank. Since August 2000 till December 2016, DBTI trained as many as 18,807 participants through 650 different training programs covering diverse courses in banking, finance, management, law etc. In the year of 2016 DBTI conducted 69 training programs covering 33 diverse courses for 1,803 Officers and Executives.

Besides conventional banking related training programs, DBTI also arranged, facilitated and conducted various Executive Development Programs, workshops, discussion meetings and exchanged views to meet the banking industry challenges in the twenty-first century. DBTI also arranges offsite programs for officers/executives of Branches outside Dhaka. The course content is commensurate with the experience level of participants.

Academic Logistics

Besides the Principal, DBTI & Faculty members and internal resource persons, DBTI invites external resource persons comprising experienced professionals to facilitate its programs. They lead the class sessions with their versatile knowledge & experience and develop the participants with the holistic approaches and broader perceptions.

DBTI Library

For its participants, DBTI has a library containing books on banking, economics and other disciplines and different local and international journals and periodicals. At present we have around 1,500 books in our library.

Training Consultancy,Tie-up, Partnership
As a complete Training Institute we train not only the employees of DBL, other fellows of the Banking fraternity are also trained here. So far we have arranged training courses for nominated employees of Social Investment Bank Limited, Bank Asia Ltd, Premier Bank Ltd, EXIM Bank Ltd, Jamuna Bank Ltd, Citi Bank N.A., Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd. (BDBL), etc. It may be mentioned that while charging for conducting the Course, we consider only variable cost elements being guided by the idea of cementing the bondage among banking fraternity.
Preparation of Course Plan
While designing & formulating a Course, DBTI gathers general information regarding the course, identifies target groups, and code of conduct for them to follow. While drawing up a list of programs/courses, we include need-based programs in addition to basic/core banking courses. We have already conducted 3/4 Training Need Assessment (TNA) sessions in this connection. We interact with the training institutes of others Banks as well as the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) for curriculum development. .

The DBTI maintains constant liaison with universities, others organizations, training institutions for keeping itself update with changes and development in relevant areas and also for necessary dissemination thereof among our staff working at field level.

DBTI conducted the following courses for the last five years:

Year Number Of Course Number Of Participants
2011 59 1,521
2012 51 1,344
2013 46 1,270
2014 47 1,449
2015 44 1,277
2016 69 1,807

Dhaka Bank also believes in bringing holistic approach in training and development area. Human Resources Division sent handful of participants to attend various courses both at home and abroad to attain special skills.

DBTI Hostel
Dhaka Bank Training Institute Hostel is operative since September 09, 2012 with full board residential accommodation for 27 participants (mainly non – Dhaka Branches). The hostel is located at Shahidbagh, Dhaka.
Training Workshop/Executive Development Program/Training Course in 2016
# Title Of Course Frequency Number Of Participants
01 Proper Way of Sorting Bank Notes and Malpractices in Cash Management (On Call) 02 72
02 Orientation Program for Newly recruited MTOs (On Call) 04 135
03 Internal Control & Compliance, Business Development and Operational Risk 13 140
04 AML / CFT Risk Assessment 12 344
05 Online CIB 03 100
06 CL and SBS – 3 Reporting 03 90
07 Integrated Supervision System (ISS) 03 85
08 DBL Direct Banking (New Version of Internet Banking System) 03 65
09 Handling of Disciplinary Cases & Labor Laws Amendment 2013 02 47
10 Malpractices in Banks for Cash Department 01 29
11 Malpractices in General Banking 01 24
12 Malpractices in Banks for Credit 01 37
13 Credit : Financing SME Business 01 35
14 Flexcube (Retail Module) – (On Call) 01 13
15 Basic Islamic Knowledge (On Call) 01 50
16 Branch System Administration 01 37
17 Foreign Trade 01 19
18 Branch Level Reconciliation Process of Cash Held in ATM 01 52
19 Universal Banking Solution (UBS) for Cash & GB 01 12
20 DPDC Electricity Bill Collection 01 21
21 ICC Risk, BASEL III and Operation Risk 01 10
22 Development of Credit Skill in Consumer Banking 01 23
23 Foundation Training – 50th Batch 01 18
24 Basic Credit Management 01 38
25 Risk Management and Capital Adequacy in Banking Sector 01 37
26 Delivering Happiness 01 35
27 DESCO Online Bill Collection 01 18
28 ICT Security Awareness 01 36
29 System Audit in Banks 01 36
30 Analysis/Preparation of Credit Proposal & Corporate Account Management 01 32
31 Foreign Currency Account & Travel Related Services (at H.O) 01 51
32 Corporate Grooming, Etiquettes and Manners 01 28
33 Self Leadership, Advanced Managerial Communication & 21st Century Managerial Mindset 01 72
Total 69 1,803
Training Overseas and In Other Organizations

Human Resources Division also sends participants in different organizations at home and abroad. Dhaka Bank sends participants at different courses in different organizations at home and also overseas to reap the benefits of personal and professional development by exchanging views, ideas and knowledge.

DBTI is doing their utmost to create systems that ensure a good work-life balance, as well as workplaces where employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

General Information
Name Of The Institute : Dhaka Bank Training Institute
Abbreviation : DBTI
Executive Vice President & Principal : Fahmida Chowdhury
Year Of Establishment Of DBTI : 2000
Year Of Establishment Of Dhaka Bank Limited : 1995
DBTI Mailing Address : SEL Trident Tower (Level 12), Holding # 57 Purana Paltan Lane,VIP  Road, Dhaka 1000
DBTI  Hostel Mailing Address : 925 / B, Shahidbag (4th & 5th Floor), Dhaka-1217.Telephone # +88-02-831 5720 (4th Floor)& +88-02-832 1709 (5th Floor).Intercom # 18 (Ground Floor), 15

(4th Floor),16 (5th Floor) & 13 (Kitchen).

Telephone Numbers : +88-02-956 7814 (Direct) +88-02-716 0913-5 Ext: 401, 403 & 444 +88 0173 0317 397(Cell)
Fax Number : +88-02-956 5060
Email Address : Abdul.Motaleb@Dhakabank.Com.Bd


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