TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK


TT-Clean: 77.1 | TK BC-Selling: 78.1
TK OD-Sight: 76.88 TK | TC-Selling: 78.1 TK

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Dhaka Bank SME Business Team has gradually endeavored to improve its Credit Assessment Process, bringing regulatory compliance in maintenance and handling, ensuring proper Credit Discipline to address & manage Non-Performing Loan (NPL) in MSME & Agriculture sector. In compliance with instructions from Bangladesh Bank, Dhaka Bank has almost achieved its required SME exposure of 25.00% of Bank’s total loan portfolio. In 2018, SME portfolio increased by 15.07% than that of 2017 and it has been able to reduce NPL by 0.96%.

Our Activities:
  • Promoting 1st Time Borrowers
  • Recognizing Good Borrowers
  • Extend Non-financial Digital Service: “i-Khata”
  • Digitization initiatives:
    • -Online Loan Application Approval
    • -“Same-Day Decision” to Loan Applications from Branches
    • -“Bills to Cash” to support Supply Chain business
  • Focus on Women Entrepreneurship.
  • Cluster attention.
  • Product variation.
  • Loan to marginal farmers.
  • Financial inclusion: Loan to Tk. 10.00 Account Holders.
  • Focus on Small/Micro Enterprise.
  • Manufacturing segment friendliness.
  • Special credit at 4% interest rate to specific sector.
  • Lending under Refinance Scheme.



Note: If a firm belongs to one more categories (business segment) on any criterion, the same will be deemed as belonging to the ‘larger’ category.

  • To be the choice of customers in terms of need based solution.
  • Re-engineering process and policies to be the “Innovative and Faster Solution Provider” in SME arena.
  • Prioritize all SME products and services to meet customers’ business requirement.
  • Enhancing Woman Entrepreneur Finance towards women empowerment.



To build SME portfolio as the right tool for financial inclusion, sustainability, diversification and earning potentials of the Bank.

  • Enhance and accelerate lending portfolio and we would like to have sustainable business growth every year
  • Focus on Woman Entrepreneur Finance and Cluster Finance
  • Improve asset quality and to retain good portfolio health
  • Step up campaign for awareness and marketing
  • Educate SME customers through training & workshop
  • Liaise with the partners for exchange of expertise, technical and resource supports
  • Showcase SME profile and products through participating in SME Fairs.
  • Technology Centric processing tool to make decision making process faster
  • To have all products/service in our showcase to meet customers’ need

Business highlights

as of December 31, 2018:

We would like to highlight key SME performance of Dhaka Bank

  • Total loan outstanding: Taka 30,831.55 million
  • Number of Customers: 3622
  • Woman Entrepreneur Loan: Taka 719.09 million
Women Entrepreneur Finance Key Attributes

  • Available at all DBL Branches and SME Service Centres.
  • Easy terms and conditions.
  • Rate of interest only at 9.00% under Women Entrepreneur Refinance Scheme (BB).
  • Quick approval process.
  • Unsecured facility for a certain limit.

SME Loan Products

Continuous Loan
In order to ensure continuous cash flow for procurement of additional or incremental requirement of consumer goods, as and when needed, continuous loan facility proves to be quite crucial factor for business sustainability. Accordingly, in order to assist to continue regular business activities, Dhaka Bank SME is equipped with “Overdraft Loan” facility (OD Loan), renewable on a yearly basis. OD Loan is extended to SME Customers keeping their respective business nature, purpose of requirement, viability as well as feasibility under consideration.

Demand Loan
Businesses that basically revolves and depends on specific time period of a year, having seasonal impact, require such credit facility, where, the customer is allowed a loan facility for a specific term, to be utilized for smooth operation of his respective business to flourish and at the end of the season, the customer is to pay off in full after due tenor. Dhaka Bank SME offers such, “Demand Loan” in form of “one-off” or ”revolving” facilities.

Term Loan
In order to facilitate business community belonging to small and medium segment, to assist increasing their respective business portfolio and financial asset, a specific loan facility, for a tenor ranging from 1 (One) year to 7 (Seven) years, is available in form of “Term Loan” facility, to be adjusted on installment basis. Dhaka Bank offers Term Loans for Small Enterprises for a tenor of 2 years and Medium Enterprises for 7 years respectively.

1st Time Borrower(SUCHONA LOAN)
New SME Entrepreneurs, find it quite difficult to avail formal loan facilities. To address the issue, Dhaka Bank SME Division offers “Shuchona Loan” to facilitate such 1st time borrowers to attain sustainability of their smooth business function and prosperity. The only pre-condition for eligibility in this category is that the customer is required not to have availed any loan facilities in company’s favor prior to availing “Shuchona Loan.”

Women Enterprise Loan(ODITIYA LOAN)
Business women are encouraged and motivated for their contribution in our overall economy. As such inclusion of more number of women with various business activities would only bring in betterment of our overall economy. In tune with this spirit, “Oditiya Loan” facility is formulated with the aim to aid business women in their business activities to gain profitability and sustainability.

This financial product is formulated to aid relatively larger business houses/enterprises that depend on multiple suppliers for various raw material/ingredients to process and finish consumable goods/items and finally assists for distribution of the finished goods through many numbers of distributors throughout the country. Dhaka Bank SME has indulged in such SCF module of business for SME customers by targeting large business entities for easement of their respective business activities.

Dairy Loan
Dhaka Bank Dairy Loan is to facilitate people dealing with live stocks, like, cattle, sheep, cow, goats etc however, not be used for cultivation, to increase numbers and resultantly ensuring better financial benefit. As such, live stock business owners, either require to invest in fattening live stocks, to be sold out at profitable price at various occasions/festivals or, in keeping them healthy and increase their milk productivity, impacting their business profitability.

Commercial House Building finance
SME loan is business loan by nature and in line with this, Dhaka Bank has house building financing facility for building, renovating or procuring commercial buildings.

SME Business financing is almost always security based lending, however, not all intersed SME customers are capable to offer collateral or land security in order to obtain credit facilities for running thier business activities, resulting in unsuccessful business endeavor. Keeping it under consideration, Dhaka Bank offers Term Loan facilities to assist customers, who cannot afford to offer any collateral as security, in the name of “DBL Easy Loan”.

Loan for tender/bid/auction participation
Dhaka Bank has tailored Product for entrepreneurs participating in various governmental/non-governmental auctions/bids/tenders, who have to submit Payment Orders prior to a particular project being assigned in their favor. The loan credit may be extended in form of of “one-off” or”revolving” facilities.

In order to address business fund crisis or insufficient fund/cash for procuring Work Order for obtaining total Project financing, Dhaka Bank has financing mechanism, namely, Work Order Finance. The credit facility is adjusted out the payments received by the customer from the parent organization after completion of work.

LC (Letter of Credit) is a mode of non-funded financing by which customers procure raw material for manufacturing or supply of goods, not available locally, get financial assistance by making partial payment as LC Margin, depending on mutual benefit and relationship. Additionally, Dhaka bank provides services to customers’ dealing with Export LCs and Bank guarantees, another two non-funded financing, available for SME customers.

SME customer, may he be involved in trading, service, manufacturing or agricultural business, is entitled for a credit facility out of his deposited amount from FDR/DPS etc. Dhaka Bank extends up to 90% of such credit facilitiy, in calculation of his base deposit retained with the bank.

Dhaka Bank offers lease financing facility mainly on mid-term or long-term basis depending on the requirement and nature of future outcome of the procured entity. In line with this, on the basis of monthly payments, Dhaka Bank undertakes various ventures like procuring business plants, machinery, vehicles etc. on company’s behalf keeping the tile deed in Bank’s name.

Islamic Credit
Main stream financing involves interest earning and interest expense that plays a key role, any SME customer, not willing to exercise interest related business lending can enjoy financing from Dhaka Bank on the basis of profit and loss, from any of Dhaka Bank branches. However, related maintenance of data base and other reporting procedure is maintained centrally.

SME Deposit Products

Shukti Account
Shukti Account (SME Customers) is a form of Current Account, having all related major features of CD Accounts, with additional provision of interest income facility. Respective conditional interest rates will vary as per Account deposit/balance, starting from minimum Account balance of BDT 25,000.00. This sort of accounts encourages customers to explore their earning options, resultantly, having positive impacts on Bank’s overall deposit portfolio.

Current Deposit Account-SME
Current Deposit Account-SME is just another form of Current Account, aimed to facilitate only entrepreneurs belonging to SME segment. The respective Account follows and adheres to the same sets of rules, terms and conditions as in Bank’s regular generic Current Accounts. The particular Account has been incorporated with our many other deposit products mainly to determine the segmentation of origin of fund, if it is SME fund or Corporate fund.

FD (Plus) SME
Fixed Deposit accounts inherently promotes deposit mobilization at a relatively higher interest rate. However, in times of deposit crisis, this instrument plays a substantial and vital role in accumulating additional base deposit for the organization. Apart from having facility for issuing regular FDRs for Company accounts and individuals, Dhaka Bank SME has launched a FDR of special kind to increase base deposit of SME segment, promoting procurement of SME based fund for sustainable future financing.

Mudaraba FD Plus (SME)
Fixed Deposit accounts inherently promotes acquisition of deposit at a relatively higher interest rate. However, in times of deposit crisis, FDs play a substantial and vital role in accumulating additional base deposit. Apart from issuing regular FDRs for Company accounts and individuals, Dhaka Bank SME has incorporated a special kind of Fixed Deposit Scheme based on Islamic norms and regulations, aiming a special client segment, to increase global base.


“i-khata”, a digital CMSME business solution, is a internet based book-keeping accounting register, initiated by Dhaka Bank MSME team. The multi level empower the Customers to maintain structured and comprehensive financial records and business activities, replacing maintenance of multiple kaacha khatas, making it much easier for generating necessary Business statements, i.e. Income Statement, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Purchase Order, Challan Copy, Invoice etc. i-Khata is a dependable financial tool to have better control for record keeping and monitoring of various business activities and increase efficiency having accurate updated business information. Customers utilizing “i-khata” platform are required to record (initiate inputs) their daily Sales, Purchases, Payables, Receivables, Inventories etc.

“i-Samadhan” is a platform for MSME Entrepreneurs, interested to avail credit facility for better management of their respective business portfolio. It is made available on Dhaka Bank official webpage, under MSME & AGRI. segment where an entrepreneur may obtain notional/tentative by submitting his/her basic business information within 24 business hours.


This program initiated by Bangladesh Bank prioritizes focusing on Women Entrepreneurs. Women constitute about half our population, hence, must be encouraged to be involved with various socio-economical and financial activities, adding up to our overall economical prosperity. In order to prioritize women business financing, Bangladesh Bank extends funding assistance at a rate of 5.00% to Banks and NBFIs for further lending to Women business Entrepreneurs at 9.00% intt. rate in order to reduce their financial burden and to flourish their business activities.

Asian Development Bank has allotted a fund of USD 200 Million, extended by another USD 40 Million (BB), for utilization in business enterprises belonging to Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. The fund is to be facilitated by commercial banks and other NBFIs at 11.00% intt. rate. Financial Inclusion Department (FID) of Bangladesh Bank is administering the fund management on GoB’s behalf.

Loan to BDT 10 Ac. Holder
The facility includes opening of regular bank accounts with initial balance of BDT. 10.00 only, made available for relatively poorer segment of the society. Bangladesh Bank has an allocation of BDT 20.00 Million for lending purpose to facilitate this segment. BDT 10.00 AC. holders enjoy 9.50% intt. rate while availing small ticket credit facility under the scheme.

Agri. 4.00% Loan
Agriculture is the prime sector for lending, where, as per Bangladesh Bank directives, relatively lower interest rate is applied. Under refinance criteria, Commercial Banks and /or NBFIs are entitled to claim disbursed amounts at an intt. rate of 9.00% from Bangladesh Bank for onward further lending to agricultural farmers at 4.00& interest rate.

Green Banking
Green banking is acclimatized with the core idea for minimizing environmental risks and hazards. Businesses that pose threats to polluting air we breathe, water we drink or locality, where population concentration is higher, should pursue methodology in their business activities that embrace pollution free techniques and methods in running their respective businesses, causing no harm or threat to our environment in general. Dhaka Bank promotes such financing, even if it involves large scale financing, if viable.

SME Foundation Arrangement (Shoe manufacturing cluster, Rajshahi)
Dhaka Bank, aided and guided by SME Foundation has invested at Kaluhati locality in Rajshahi, at a cluster of collective shoe makers, for development of Shoe manufacturing attributes. Having real financial requirement, the respective individuals/enterprises belonging to the respective cluster, upon valid proposition, avails credit facility, to boost up their business activities ending up with better profitability.

Women Entrepreneur Highlights (DECEMBER 31, 2018)
  • Number of Women Entrepreneur: 138
  • Amount of Disbursement: 2.59% of SME Loan
  • Number of Desks/SME Help Desks dedicated to Women Entrepreneur available at all Dhaka Bank Branches
SME Objectives 2019
  • Online Approval to be made readily available on net/online.
  • Increase focus on 1st time Borrowers for fresh financing.
  • Initiate developing new CLUSTER(S) for widening financial footprint.
  • Increase attention to emphasize financing on rural areas.


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