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Making all your wishes come true is like a gift. A gift to yourself.

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What Is Dhaka Bank

Personal Loan

Borrowing needs differ person to person. Dhaka Bank understands that your banking needs are unique. That’s why we designed our Personal loan options with you in mind. Truly, we can help you find the loan that’s perfect you. Make home repairs, take a warm-weather vacation, cover medical expenses, meet unexpected financial exigencies, or plan for any special occasion. No matter what your goals are, we have great ways to make them happen. We offer competitive rates, fast answers and flexible repayment terms and many more. A Dhaka Bank Personal Loan is your one-stop-shop for fulfilling all your financial aspirations.


Everyone deserves a bank that brings fairness, great banking services and the chance to both make money and make a difference. That's how we define financial aspiration.

Loan Facility

Simple to process and easy to repay loan facilities are offered as per your needs. Our variety of different loans are available at competitive interest rates and fee & charges.


We are happy to bring bunches of other facilities and offers only for you that comes with both our debit and credit cards along with other services.

Required Document

To Apply Online

  • Applicant's NID Copy
  • Applicant's E-TIN/ Latest Tax Certificate
  • Utility Bill Copy (as proof of rental house or owned house)
  • Applicant’s Photo
  • Letter of Introduction/ Salary Certificate, Pay slip/ Cash vouchers (if applicable), visiting card, etc.
  • Bank Statement for 12 months
  • Loan Sanction Letter, Loan Statement for 12 months, latest credit card bills (if any)
  • Applicant’s CIB undertaking Download CIB Untertaking Form
  • Applicant’s Purpose Declaration Form Download Purpose Declaration Form
  • Personal Guarantor's Photo
  • Personal Guarantor's NID Copy
  • Personal Guarantor's CIB Undertaking Download CIB Untertaking Form

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